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10 Absurd Ideas From The West Which Have Been Adopted By The Indians 

10 Absurd Ideas From The West Which Have Been Adopted By The Indians

We Indians are quite rich when it comes to cultures, traditions, customs, etc and the good part is that we don’t mind adopting something new from another culture in our lifestyle if we feel that it is really good for us. However, there have been times when we have adopted or started following some traditions or ideas of the western countries despite the fact that they have no relevance in our lives and not even good for our society.

Today we will let you know about some of these ideas or traditions which we are following without even thinking about their pros and cons:

1. Bachelor parties

Bachelor parties are organized for those who are getting married soon so that they can enjoy their singlehood for the last time. Now in India also these types of parties are pretty common, earlier only men used to give bachelor party for their friend who was getting married but now girls have also started throwing such parties for their friend. In such parties, drinking alcohol, dancing late night and playing poker or any other card game are usual activities.

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2. Low waist jeans

In the west, the fashion trend of wearing low waist jeans was started by those who had curvy and well-toned body and it also gave them a chance to show-off their costly innerwear. However, many Indians follow this fashion trend without even thinking whether they are looking nice or not.

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3. Eating with fork and spoon

Usually Indians prefer to eat with hands and spoons are used mainly for some selective dishes only but in western culture it is a common thing to use spoon and fork for the meals. While fork is used to hold something which a person wants to cut for eating, spoon is used for eating food so that the hands doesn’t get dirty.

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4. Referring currency as bucks

Americans are habitual of referring their currency as bucks and slowly we Indians have also started using this word despite the fact that we all know that name of Indian currency is rupee. A buck is used for one dollar and it is being said that people started using this word in the 1700s because at that time the deerskins were used as currency.

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5. Rubbing cake on face

Cutting cake on birthday is not an Indian style of celebrating the birthday but now in every birthday party cutting cake has become a tradition. However, what is more irrational is rubbing cake on the face of the birthday person because wasting a food item like this is highly stupid.

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6. Wearing suits

Indians started wearing western dresses during the British rule and now they are a part of our lives. However, wearing suits in daily routine is not logical in India as here the weather is not so cold as in the western countries.

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7. Glass buildings

In western countries, the glass is used in huge quantity while constructing the building because the weather over there is usually cold and the glass allows the sun rays to go inside the premises and keep it warm. But in India, where many parts of the country experience hot and humid climate for more than half of the year, making glass buildings is highly illogical.

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8. Sunday is a holiday

As the majority of the citizens of the western countries are Christians, they prefer to go to church on the Sundays and worship Jesus. This is the reason why Sunday has been announced as holiday over there. However, we Indians have no reason as to why we should observe Sunday as holiday.

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9. Wearing robe and cap on their graduation ceremony

In graduation ceremony, nowadays the students are seen wearing robe and caps which is a western tradition that has been followed by Indians for a long time now.

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10. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the day of love all over the world but it has nothing to do with our traditions. It is also called as Saint Valentine’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine and is celebrated in order to honour Saint Valentine. However, we Indians are celebrating it without even understanding and knowing the story behind it.

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Do let us know if you want to share any other absurd idea from the West which is followed by the Indians.

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