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What Do Your Nails Tell About Your Health? Don’t Ignore These 8 Types 

What Do Your Nails Tell About Your Health? Don’t Ignore These 8 Types

Nails may be one of the most ignored parts of our body but in reality, they can be of great help in ascertaining the health conditions of a person. It may sound a little difficult to believe but here are the details related to nails on which you should focus:

Blue fingernails:

If someone’s fingernails are turning blue in color, it means that the oxygen circulating in the blood is not enough. Cyanosis is the name of this condition and it indicates that the person is suffering with lung disease, for example, emphysema. However in some cases, the blue fingernails could also be an indication of heart problems.

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Cracked nails:

Dry, split or cracked nails are the signals of thyroid disease. If the crack nails also have yellow shading, it means that the person is also suffering from fungal infection.

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Dark or black lines beneath the nail:

A person with dark or black lines beneath the nail should contact the doctor immediately as it is a sign of skin cancer.

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Pale nails:

It is also a sign which should be taken seriously as it indicates some serious illness, such as liver and heart diseases. Pale nails are also sign of malnutrition and anemia.

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Yellow nails:

Yellow colored nails are clear indication of fungal infection and if the person is not treated soon, the nails can crumble after thickening. In some instances, nails can turn yellow if a person is facing the risk of diabetes, lung problem or serious thyroid condition.

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White nails:

If majority part of the nails is white with dark-shaded rim, it gives an indication that the person is suffering from a liver disease.

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Swollen nail fold:

Inflammation or infection may be the reason behind the swollen nail fold. The skin around the nail may also get red and puffy due to a tissue disorder or lupus. Such type of tissue disorder is known as paronychia and the symptoms may also include pus other than redness and swelling.

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Ridges in fingernails:

If the fingernails have ridges, there is nothing to be afraid of because it happens due to the increasing age of a person. However, sometimes the ridges also indicate towards diabetes or lack of vitamins in the body. But if the ridges are horizontal and deep, the person should consult a doctor as it may be because of a serious health issue.

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We sincerely hope that this information will be of good help to our readers!

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