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Do You Know Being Angry Can Result In Weight Gain? Science Explains How 

Do You Know Being Angry Can Result In Weight Gain? Science Explains How

Anger is one of the biggest enemies of a person because it not only takes away our mental peace but also plays an important role in the deterioration of our physical health. It has also been found that a person who stays angry most of the time gains weight quickly.

The anger is of three types – passive, aggressive and assertive and all three of them have their own characteristics. However in this article, we will tell you about the effects of anger on your health and weight.

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The emotional effect:

We may be angry on someone and vent out our feelings by abusing the person but it also wrecks havoc on our emotional state, especially if the concerned person is a near and dear one and you are badly hurt.

The chemical processes:

If you think that anger affects you emotionally only, you are wrong. It also has a considerable effect on the chemical processes that take place in our body. Whenever we are angry, a hormone adrenaline gets released and it prepares our body for either fight or flight which further increases our anxiety.

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No hunger:

In such condition, the blood flows with force from the internal organs to the muscles because of which the angry person doesn’t feel hunger even if his body requires food for energy and nourishment. However after a short period when the level of adrenaline decreases, the person starts feeling hungry.

Unhealthy eating:

This is the time when the person will like to have food which gives him comfort and is tasty and won’t be concerned about its effect on his health. Usually in such condition, a person resorts to junk food which is high in fat and sugar and is very harmful for health.

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Another reason of gaining weight when angry:

As per a dietician Dr. Ashima Chopra, when a person is angry, a stress hormone is released by the body. The name of the hormone is cortisol and it either makes the person feel very hungry or not hungry at all. In such scenario also, the person will eat unhealthy food in order to calm down hunger and it will further result in weight gain. Cortisol is very harmful for the blood pressure and it can also result in heart problems. What can make the matter worse is the fact that cortisol can transform the blood sugar into fat and hamper the process of digestion.

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Why not healthy food?

Almost everyone likes to have delicious food which is rich in fat and sugar when they are angry and if he is provided with healthy food, it may increase his anger further.

Anger increases stress:

Anger will further increase our stress which will result in sleeping problems. The person who finds it difficult to sleep will feel low in energy and in order to satiate his hunger, he will indulge in mindless and unhealthy eating.

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Signs that you are obese because of stress:

The body of people suffering from obesity due to stress will show some signs in order to let them know that stress is heavily affecting them. Men may develop double chin, muscles of arms and legs getting weak or soft and fat getting stored around belly. While in women, the skin may get rough or experience acne, there can be deposits of fat on the back or waist and the most alarming sign is the growth of facial hair.

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Work on your anger:

If you really want to live a healthy life both mentally and physically, you should work on controlling your anger. You need to get rid of the negative feelings and emotions that you have for others. Even if the mistake is committed by the other person, you should try to handle the situation in a calm manner and think positive.

Here are some tips which can help you in controlling anger:

1. Exercise: Start your day with exercising as it may decrease your stress levels because of which you may have been feeling angry and annoyed. You can choose to go for a brisk walk when you are feeling the emotions of anger or pass your time by playing any game as it will help in bringing down your anger.

2. Be careful while speaking: It is better to be careful while speaking rather than feeling sorry afterwards for speaking something bad. If you speak something which hurts someone else, he will reciprocate in the same manner and this will further make you angry.

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3. Forgive others: You need to remember that anger is also affecting you in an adverse manner so it is better to forgive those who have hurt you rather than keeping a grudge in your heart.

4. Relax by meditating: Meditation is certainly a great way to provide relaxation to the mind and soul. Yoga is also very good for keeping mind happy and healthy. There are some breathing exercises which are quite good for bringing down the adrenaline levels.

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5. Take a break: Sometimes our hectic schedules increase stress in our lives so much that we get angry even on small things. It is better to take a break from the stressful schedule and give rest to your body and mind.

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6. Keep a check on your diet: Diet always plays an important role in our lives and we should avoid foods which are rich in fat, sugar and salt. Try to eat healthy, however there is no harm in having cheat diet on some occasions.

7. Express your anger when your mind is calm: Try to remain silent when you feel angry, it is better to express yourself when you are calm so that you will be able to put across your opinion in a better way.

8. Focus on solution: It is always better to think about the solution of the problem rather than thinking about the problem and increasing your anger.

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9. Seek professional help: There is nothing bad in taking professional help if you are not able to control your anger by following the above methods or other ways as well. There are many professionals who can provide you counseling and guidance in order to control your anger and live a better life.

Try to get rid of anger as soon as possible because it is very harmful for your own health and also for your family.

Do let us know which method worked best for you and helped you in reducing your anger.

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