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8 Things Your Brain Wants To Tell You If You Are Experiencing Déjà Vu 

8 Things Your Brain Wants To Tell You If You Are Experiencing Déjà Vu

There must be times when you must have felt that whatever is happening with you now has taken place earlier as well or you have visited a certain place and you are feeling that you have visited earlier also but in reality this is the first time that you have came to that place. Such situation is called déjà vu, it is a French word which means “already seen” in English.

Why déjà vu happens?

As per a neuropsychologist Sanam Hafeez, déjà vu happens when two neural circuits get activated in a small part of brain which is called as hippocampus. While the first circuit focuses on the present scenario, the second neural circuit works on the old memories. Because of this we feel that we have had that experience earlier as well.

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Is there anything to worry?

No, there is nothing to worry if you have experienced déjà vu because more than 70 percent people in the world have experienced it. However, sometimes it is brain which wants to tell you something by making you experience déjà vu, so let us try to understand what brain wants to tell us:

1. Sleep is what you need:

If your sleep has been affected adversely due to your busy schedule then your brain is trying to inform you that you need to sleep more. The rise in number of déjà vu experiences can take place due to stress, tiredness, fatigue because of which the brain is making more mistakes. In fact, proper sleep is very essential for overall functioning of complete body in an effective manner so ensure that you take a sound sleep.

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2. It may be epilepsy:

Epilepsy is a disorder which takes place in the central nervous system because of which the brain activity becomes weird, a person behaves in a bizarre manner, can experience seizures and sometimes lose his consciousness. This disorder can take place in both men and women and it can also be a result of a trauma or brain injury. Repeated déjà vu incidents can be an indication that person can be suffering from epilepsy and a person should visit the doctor for consultation and check up.

3. Be very attentive:

Déjà vu can also be the reason of your less attentiveness or you being very distracted. For example, if you are working on your laptop but your concentration is not strong and due to distraction you glance around very quickly, it divide your perception in two parts and your hippocampus will not get a clear picture. This theory has been named as split-perception theory, so it will be better if you pay full attention to what you do.

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4. Is one of your eyes a dominant eye?

It is believed that both the eyes work on the same level but sometimes a person has a dominant eye. In this case, even if both the eyes look at an object at the same time, the dominant eye will send the signal first to the brain and when the signal from the second eye will reach to the brain, the situation of déjà vu will take place. However, the time difference will be very less, in nanoseconds and till now there is no scientific evidence to support this theory.

5. You are walking on the right path:

Let’s get a little spiritual as in this point we are going to talk about the spiritual side of déjà vu. If you observe our lives is all about trial and error, until we try something we don’t have an idea whether it is right or wrong but déjà vu may be a way by which our brain is giving us an indication that we are walking on the right path and we should continue to do so in life. In simple words, it is our inner voice which is communicating with us through déjà vu. No scientific evidence to prove it but it is certainly one reason to be happy.

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6. It may be the result of your past-life:

Many people don’t believe in rebirth and previous lives but as per some researchers déjà vu can take place because of previous births. The researchers stated that you may experience something for the first time in this life and feel that you have experienced it earlier because that has happened in your previous birth. Those researchers also say that if you ever feel something like déjà vu, don’t just ignore it, investigate it.

7. It may have actually happened:

A study was carried out in 2008 in which it was found that sometimes déjà vu is actually not a déjà vu, people feel connected to the situation because such experience has actually taken place in the past. It’s just that the concerned person has forgotten it and in a research carried out in 2018, it was ascertained that places also matter in regard to déjà vu. If a place is designed in a similar manner to a different location, then it is highly possible that a person can experience déjà vu.

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8. Memory mismatch:

A study was carried out in 2013 as per which déjà vu happens because there is a slight mismatch in your memory. It means that you are remembering something incorrectly and the memory is just trying to correct itself.

Do let us know if you have ever experienced déjà vu in your life.

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