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8 Precautionary Tips To Save Yourself From Heart Stroke 

8 Precautionary Tips To Save Yourself From Heart Stroke

A huge number of people lose their lives due to heart diseases every year in the whole world. Heart diseases have become a bigger concern in the modern world as now many youngsters and middle-age people are also suffering with it. Here is how you can save yourself from heart diseases and prevent heart attacks:

1. Watch your weight:

The risk of heart diseases or heart attack is more in the obese people as obesity can result in diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol which in turn can increases the chances of heart attack. Keeping your weight in control will reduce the risk of heart attack to a great extent.

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2. Eat healthy:

As you need to watch your weight, eat healthy such as fresh fruits, whole grains, fresh vegetables, etc. Eating healthy will keep both cholesterol and blood pressure low which are two basic risk factors that increase the chances of heart attack. Avoid drinks or food items which have added sugar, avoid food with high dose of sodium and junk food.

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3. Exercising regularly:

Working out daily will not only make you strong physically but mentally as well. Exercising regularly will keep your weight in control, keep your cholesterol and blood pressure also low which are responsible for heart diseases or heart attack.

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4. Don’t get stressed:

Unfortunately, stress has become a part of our lives in the modern world. Stress plays an important role in increasing the chances of heart attack because if the person is heavily stressed then his blood pressure will certainly go high. High BP is one of the main reasons for heart attack. Stress can also make a person eat more unhealthy, drink alcohol, smoke, etc and increase the chances of heart attack. Whenever you feel stressed, try to calm down yourself by reading a book, listening to music, meditating, etc.

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5. Proper sleep:

It is being said that an adult should get a sleep of 7-9 hrs daily. Those who don’t get proper sleep are at higher risk of suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity. As we know all these three will further increase the risk of heart attack or heart diseases.

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6. Take care of your diabetes:

Being a diabetic, you should be more careful about yourself because the high level of blood sugar may adversely affect the blood vessels and nerves that are connected to heart. So if you have diabetes keep it within the limits and keep taking precautions.

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7. No Smoking:

Smoking is a big NO as it increases the blood pressure of the smoker. Those who smoke should stop immediately and if you are a non-smoker then don’t start smoking.

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8. Don’t drink liquor:

Drinking liquor is also very harmful as it will not only increase the blood pressure but it will also increase the weight. Both these factors will further increase the chances of heart stroke. Even if a person can’t stop drinking liquor, he should control the intake of liquor.

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Do share these safety tips with your loved ones so that they can also save themselves from having an heart attack.

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