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8 Food Items That Will Make Your Skin Look Young, Healthy & Radiant 

8 Food Items That Will Make Your Skin Look Young, Healthy & Radiant

There is no denying the fact that looking good is very important nowadays but at one fell swoop, it is equally true that staying fit and healthy is even more important. Good looks can be managed by artificial makeup but if you wish to look beautiful naturally and want to have a glowing skin, you should take care of your health and diet.

Here are some food items which will give you radiant and glowing skin if you consume them on a regular basis:

1. Broccoli:

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Broccoli is pretty good for skin as it contains various minerals and vitamins which are good for skin health. Other than zinc, vitamin A & C, broccoli also has lutein, a carotenoid which saves skin from getting dry and wrinkled. Adding broccoli in your diet is a must because it also contains a special compound known as sulforaphane that has anti-cancer properties and can save a person from few types of skin cancer. Sulforaphane is also helpful in saving skin from the sunburn.

2. Dark chocolate:

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This will certainly make the day of chocolate lovers as it will give them one more reason to relish more chocolate. It has been found that regular consumption of cocoa for around 40-80 days will give more hydrated and a thicker skin. Such type of skin experiences sunburn rarely as the blood flow in the body is very good and skin is provided with the nutritional compounds regularly.

3. Red grapes:

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Red grapes have anti-aging properties as they contain a compound called resveratol. This compound has many other health benefits such as reducing the production of those radicals which are harmful for the skin cells and increase the signs of aging.

4. Green tea:

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It also saves skin from aging as green tea contains many compounds which are called catechins and they enhance the skin health in numerous ways. Green tea has anti-oxidant properties because of which it also saves skin from the harmful sunrays. Consuming green tea is advisable as it enhances skin’s moistness, elasticity and thickness.

5. Sweet potatoes:

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Sweet potatoes contain beta carotene which gets converted into vitamin A by the body. Because of the beta carotene, sweet potatoes not only save skin from the sunburn but also protect it from getting dried and wrinkled. If a person consumes good amount of beta carotene, it adds an orange color to the skin making it look healthier and beautiful.

6. Fatty fish:

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Some fish are also good for skin health as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which maintain the moistness of skin and also increase thickness. It has been observed that people who have deficiency of omega-3 fatty acid have a dry and wrinkled skin. These fatty acids also have anti-flammation properties which help in saving skin from acne and redness. If you want to take benefit of omega-3 fatty acid, you should prefer fatty fish of these breeds – mackerel, salmon and herring.

7. Avocados:

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It is one of the healthiest fruits and is also pretty helpful in maintaining skin health. Avocados are rich sources of healthy fats which maintain flexibility and moistness of skin. Vitamin E is very much needed for skin as it combats with the oxidative harm and avocados are rich in vitamin E. It has also been found that the compounds contained by avocados save skin from aging and sun damage.

8. Tomatoes:

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Tomatoes are quite rich in vitamin C and also contain most of the carotenoids including lycopene which saves skin not only from sun damage but also from getting dry and wrinkled.

Add these food items in your diet in order to maintain healthy skin and do let us know about the results that you experienced.

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