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8 Commonly Used Things Which Are Banned In Foreign Countries But Easily Available in India 

8 Commonly Used Things Which Are Banned In Foreign Countries But Easily Available in India

The business firms keep on launching new products in order to attract customers and increase their sales but some of them also get banned if they are found harmful for health. There are many products which have been banned in India and you will be shocked to know that there are some products which are banned in foreign countries but easily available in India.

1. Pesticides:

Almost 60 pesticides which are bad for the health of humans are banned in the foreign nations but it is not the case in India. These pesticides are sprayed on the plants for saving them from the pests but eventually they harm the health of those who consume them. It is highly advisable that every fruit and vegetable bought from market should be washed properly before getting cooked or consumed.

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2. Jelly Sweets:

These little candies are banned in many countries such as Canada, Australia, USA, etc. because there have been reports of kids getting choked while eating them. However in India, they can be bought from any general store.

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3. Red Bull:

It may be a very popular drink in India but in many nations across the world, Red Bull is banned because of the presence of ingredient Taurine in it. Some athletes from Europe have lost their lives because of the consumption of energy drinks which contain Taurine and this has led to a ban on such drinks in a number of countries.

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4. Kinder Joy:

Kinder Joy is again very famous here and kids love it but it is banned in USA because there is a toy inside the chocolate egg case. Non-nutritive items inside food items are a violation of USA’s Food and Drug Administration policy because of which a ban has been put on Kinder Joy.

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5. Unpasteurized milk:

The use of unpasteurized milk is pretty common in India; nevertheless in many foreign countries, it is banned because it has germs and microbes which are not good for health.

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6. Lifebuoy soap:

This soap is available in almost every general store in India but in America and some other nations, it is banned. The reason behind banning it is that it has proven to be harmful for the human skin.

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7. Samosa:

One of the favorite snacks of Indians is banned in Somalia because an anti-social outfit feels that it is “too Christian”. God save that country! Well, we are pretty sure that no Indian will like to live in the place where there is a ban on our loving samosa!

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8. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800:

The car which is sold in good numbers in India is banned in some countries as it was not able to match the safety standards of those nations. This is something which should be a matter of concern for the Indian government as many Indians lose their lives every year in road accidents.

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Do you know about more such items which are banned in foreign nations but commonly used in India? Share with us in the comments section below.

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