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11 Things You Should Never Do Before Visiting Your Doctor 

11 Things You Should Never Do Before Visiting Your Doctor

Everyone should go for a regular medical checkup even if everything is fine and we haven’t fallen sick for a long time because it will make us aware about the condition of our body and we will be able to take precautions if needed for the future. However, there are times when you need to visit your doctor because of the sickness, in such moments you need to ensure that you don’t do these things before visiting the doctor.

1. Don’t forget or avoid drinking water:

It is really good to remain hydrated before you visit your medical practitioner because it will be helpful in getting correct readings of your pulse and blood pressure. Dehydration may bring incorrect results in urine testing or blood work and you may not get correct treatment due to incorrect diagnose. It is highly advisable that every person should drink good amount of water daily in order to keep himself hydrated.

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2. Don’t strain your eyes before visiting an ophthalmologist:

Your eyesight will get heavily strained if you work on mobile or laptop for long time and it will take a good time in getting it to normal. However, if you visit an ophthalmologist for an eye test after straining your eyes then the results will be worse than they are in reality. This means that you should give your eyes proper rest before visiting an ophthalmologist so that the results of eye test are authentic.

3. Don’t take medicines before blood test:

In usual days, you should be very particular about the timings of taking your medicine but you need to change your routine when you are supposed to take a blood test. The blood test should be given before consuming medicines so that the results of the test are accurate and you can take your medicines just after the test. However, it is better to ask your doctor about it in advance so that there is no confusion in your mind.

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4. No alcohol if you have to go for cholesterol test:

The consumption of alcohol should be avoided at least 24 hours before the cholesterol test because alcohol will increase the levels of triglycerides which are one of the four components of cholesterol. It is a fact that beer and spirits don’t have cholesterol but they do have sugar and carbohydrates which will result in an upsurge in your cholesterol level. Though your cholesterol levels will return to normal after sometime but the test results won’t be accurate.

5. Don’t consume salty dish before getting your blood pressure tested:

If a person eats food items which are rich in salt before getting blood pressure tested then the results will be incorrect. It has been stated by the American Heart Association that the daily consumption of salt for a person should not exceed 2300 milligrams otherwise it may be harmful for health.

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6. Don’t change your eating schedule before checkup:

If you are not following a healthy lifestyle in routine life then changing it few days before the check-up won’t give any improved results. The changes in cholesterol and blood sugar take a good amount of time even if the person changes his lifestyle for few days before going for check-up.

7. Don’t consume red food before going for colonoscopy:

Colonoscopy is done in order to observe the changes that took place in the large intestine which is called colon and rectum. If you are supposed to go for colonoscopy then you should stop eating red food (tomatoes, beets, red candy, tomato sauce, etc) one week before the test as the natural red food can turn your colon. It is advisable that only liquid and clear food items should be consumed a day before the colonoscopy.

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8. No manicure or pedicure before going for skin test:

Don’t visit beauty parlor before making a visit to the dermatologist because he will not only test your skin but your nails as well. In order to ensure that the dermatologist is able to get the clear idea about the disease or the fungal infection, don’t do manicure or pedicure before visiting him.

9. No use of deodorant before mammogram:

Mammogram is done by the doctors in order to detect breast cancer. It can easily be called as the best test for the breast cancer as it can detect the disease even three years before it is actually diagnosed. Deodorants are not allowed before mammogram as they contain some metallic substances and these substances can affect the test results adversely.
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10. No creams, lubricants etc, before a pap smear:

The Pap test which is also called as pap smear is a test which is carried by doctors for testing cervical cancer in women. For this procedure, cells are collected from the cervix and as it is a very sensitive area, the patients should not rub creams or lubricants at least 48 hrs before the pap smear.

11. Don’t consume caffeine before going for stress test:

Stress tests are done for finding out the health of the heart and for this purpose, the patient is made to run on treadmill or asked to do some other exercise. However, if the stress test is carried out by using some medicinal substances then it is advisable not to consume caffeine before the test.
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If you are aware of any other such point, do share with us.

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