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From Santara Maggi To Oreo Ice Cream Samosa, Weird Dishes That Made People Lose It 

From Santara Maggi To Oreo Ice Cream Samosa, Weird Dishes That Made People Lose It

Social media users often surprise us with weird experimentation and in this article, we are going to list few of them:

1. Sweet Maggi with milk and rose petals:

Maggi is a favorite of thousands of people, especially students who have a lot of memories associated with it. They had the instant noodles in hostels, at night during exams, while watching movies and at many more occasions. If something becomes so special, like a true friend, people just cannot bear if someone makes out-of-the-box experiments with it and that too which are beyond imagination.

A video surfaced on the micro-blogging site Twitter in which a woman taught people how to make sweet Maggi with milk, rose petals and several other ingredients. This was no less than a sin for people who cannot resist Maggi’s spicy and mouth-watering taste.

This sweet Maggi appears to be a dessert and although you may be angry seeing such a treatment with Maggi, the woman says that her family likes it a lot.

Watch the video of how it is made:

2. Santara Maggi:

The best thing about Maggi is that it cooks quite fast and tastes great. Moreover, you can add ingredients of your choice to it, such as onion, capsicum and even cheese which add to its flavours and make it more delicious. However, have you ever thought of having Santara Maggi? Yes, we mean Oranges.

There is this girl who shared about Santara Maggi after seeing it on a friend’s Instagram story and she herself seems to be annoyed with it. Check out her tweet:

3. Maggi with Makke Ki Roti:

Makke Ki Roti is generally paired with Sarson Ka Saag and Punjabis love it a lot. However there is a Twitter user who showed the world how he loves to eat Makke Ki Roti with Maggi and social media was left disgusted at this weird pairing.

Here is his tweet:

4. Samosa stuffed with Oreo ice cream:

Samosa is an inseparable part of many Indians’ lives and there are a number of people whose day is not completed without having one as it’s not pretty costly and is easily available at most of the places. No one can think of Samosa without its delicious potato filling or in other words, Samosa and Aaloo are inseparable.

Nevertheless, a Twitter user comes up with Samosa stuffed with Oreo ice-cream and showed the world how cruel people can be with authentic dishes.

He also shared various pics of his version of Samosa and left Twitter wondering. See the tweet:

5. Ice cream Dosa

Dosa is a favourite dish of not only people belonging to South India but from every nook and corner of the country. Its savory potato filling along with sambhar and coconut chutney is just mouth-watering.

But have you heard about ice cream Dosa, chocolate ice cream Idlis and biscuit Dosas?

Yes, you read it right! Business tycoon Anand Mahindra shared a video of a street food stall from Bengaluru where these dishes are sold. The vendor Manjunath combines South Indian dishes with and ice cream there are many people who love to eat from his stall. However, social media got irked with the idea of such experimentation with the traditional Dosa.

Watch the video:

6. Tea with lemonade & tang:

Tea is an indispensable part of Indians’ lives and we cannot imagine a single day without tea. People may prefer black tea or add milk, sugar-free or quite sweet, masala chai or a simple one and many people have countless memories associated with tea.

But there is this TikTok user who has made tea with lemonade and tang and the whole social media lost it seeing such an insult of tea.

Here’s the video:

Do you know about more such items? Share with us.

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