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“Chai Se Badkar Kuch Nahi”, Video Goes Viral As Two Men Didn’t Let Their Tea Spill While Getting Arrested 

“Chai Se Badkar Kuch Nahi”, Video Goes Viral As Two Men Didn’t Let Their Tea Spill While Getting Arrested

Tea is an integral part of our lives and saying no to tea is not an option for us. While some of us may like to drink strong tea, some of us may like to drink tea with more milk, some of us may like to tea with cardamom while some like to have tea with Tulsi. In winters, the frequency of tea is more in comparison to the summers but it won’t be wrong to say that irrespective of the weather, tea is necessary in our lives. Tea is not just a beverage but a stress buster as well and it is highly preferred if a person is suffering from cold, cough and fever.


We will show you a small video clip in order to make you understand that how much Indians love their tea. The video has been shared by an IPS officer Ankita Sharma in which two men are getting arrested by policemen but both these guys are more concerned about the cups of tea in their hands despite being getting dragged by the cops.


She captioned the video, “ये हम है, ये हमारी चाय है, बाक़ी बाद में देखेंगे (This is us, this is our tea and everything else will be managed later)”

What makes it more interesting that the cops also understand the value of tea in a person’s life and they were also not throwing their cup of teas by snatching from them and letting them drink, the IPS officer was quite impressed with the sensitivity of the cops as she tweeted, “What I liked about the cops is they are not even throwing their cups, and letting them drink, how sensitive”

The twitterati also reacted soon and here are some of the selected reactions:

Are you also very passionate about tea or you like to have any other beverage drink, do share with us.

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