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7 Food Items Which Will Make Your Hair Healthy, Strong & Shiny 

7 Food Items Which Will Make Your Hair Healthy, Strong & Shiny

There is no denying the fact that the quality of our lifestyle has degraded to certain extent due to the increasing pace of our lives. This hectic schedule and lifestyle has affected our mental and physical health in a big manner and some affects are clearly visible to others as well. Our hair has been suffering a lot because of our modern day lifestyle but you can improve the condition of hair by adding these food items in your diet. Here are 7 foods which are good for hair:

1. Spinach:

This leafy green vegetable is very good for hair as it contains iron, Vitamin A & C and folate which are very much needed for the healthy growth of the hair. The vitamin A is pretty helpful in the production of sebum which is an oily substance and it makes the hair healthy by moisturizing the hair scalp. Spinach is also a great source of iron which is needed for the proper growth of hair.

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2. Sweet Potatoes:

Beta Carotene, a compound which gets converted into vitamin A by the human body is found in good quantity in sweet potatoes. As we talked earlier vitamin A is good for the growth of the hair and it can also make the hair grow thicker.

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3. Eggs:

Eggs are very good for hair as they contain protein and biotin and both of them are helpful in the growth of hair. Sufficient intake of protein is necessary for good growth of hair as hair follicles are majorly made of protein and deficiency of protein results in loss of hair. Biotin contains a protein, keratin which is vital for the production of hair. Other than these, eggs also contain zinc and selenium which makes them worthy of your diet if you want good hair.

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4. Sweet Peppers:

Vitamin C is an integral part of sweet peppers which is very helpful in the hair growth. In fact, you will be surprised to know that yellow peppers comprises of approximately 5 times more vitamin C than an orange. The collagen production gets a boost because of vitamin C which results in strengthening of hair strands. One more reason to add sweet peppers in your diet is that they also have good amount of vitamin A which increases the production of sebum that keeps scalp oily and hair healthy.

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5. Oysters:

Oysters are a great source of zinc, a mineral which not only helps in the hair growth but also in the repair. It has also been proven that deficiency in zinc intake can result in hair loss. However the good thing is that the intake of zinc supplement has the capability to reverse the effects of hair loss which happened due to zinc efficiency.

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6. Nuts:

Nuts are not just tasty but they are very healthy as well as they provide a wide variety of nutrients, some of them are also helpful in boosting the growth of hair. If we talk about almonds only, they have a good amount of zinc, fatty acids and B vitamins. You should add nuts in your diet as they are helpful in not just hair growth but in reducing the risk of heart problems and bringing down the inflammation as well.

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7. Beans:

Beans are very healthy as they are a good source of protein, zinc and other nutrients which promote hair growth such as folate, iron and biotin. What makes beans more worthy of being added in diet is the fact that they are not very costly as well.

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Add these 7 food items in your diet and see the difference.

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