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14 Weirdest Yet Creative Names Of Restaurants Around The World That Will Make You Go WTF 

14 Weirdest Yet Creative Names Of Restaurants Around The World That Will Make You Go WTF

“What’s in a name?,” said the popular English poet and dramatist William Shakespeare and this quote might have been true at his era but in today’s epoch, the name matters a lot as it’s the first thing with which something or someone is recognized initially. Moreover, the name speaks a lot about the person or the business and it does have the capability to attract customers to some extent. In fact, an inappropriate name can leave a bad impression and affect the business to a great deal.

It is particularly important when you have to directly catch the attention of customers or draw people’s attention. However, some people don’t seem to understand its significance and end up using such names for their businesses that may make them an object of mockery. Nevertheless, there is a different side to this as well since a funny name can make a business more famous than it could have been otherwise and it looks like the owners of these eateries across the world believe in the second thought.

In this article, we are going to make you familiar with some extremely bizarre & weird names of hotels and restaurants that will leave you in splits. Well, few of them are so disgusting that they might even end your hunger at all. So here you go….

1.Fu King Chinese

If you are in a mood of having Chinese food then there is a restaurant which you can visit but it is certainly difficult to take its name if you are going with any elder person. However, if you are visiting with your friends than the name of the restaurant can also make everyone smile.

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2. Herpes Pizza

It is highly impossible that the owner of this outlet was not aware of the meaning of Herpes as it is a disease which causes sores near the mouth or genitals. However, if the customers are coming to have pizza then we don’t think it is needed to change the name.
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3. Paapi Peat

It is being said in India that a person does everything to fill his stomach, in simple words for pacifying the hunger. When a person does something wrong again the stomach is held responsible for it but this restaurant owner took it very seriously and names his restaurant as Paapi Peat (Sinner Stomach).
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4. Vagina Tandoori Indian Cuisine

This restaurant may be serving Indian cuisine but most of the Indians will like to stay away from it due to its name. One more question that comes in everybody’s mind is that what was the need of using the word, “Vagina” in the restaurant’s name.

Image Source

5. Potty’s Restaurant

Yuck…how can anyone even think of eating at this restaurant which is named after potty. However, nowadays people like to experiment and we think this name is also a result of experimentation.
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6. Prawn Hub

There is a very famous adult site with a little similar name and the owner of this eatery must be wishing to take advantage of the same. If you look at the punchline below the restaurant’s name, “Fulfil your desire” itself is double meaning in sense as it may talk about gastronomical desire or some other pleasures as well. Wanna try Prawn Hub?

Image Source

7. Lick-A-Chick

Now this one will make you hungry instantly and that hunger may be of something else too. Already imagining something? Hold your horses, it’s just a restaurant which can pacify your hunger but can’t quench any other type of thirst. Ahem ahem….

Image Source

8. Dirty Dicks

Every Tom, Dick and Harry will like to visit this restaurant to know what’s so dirty about it and I wonder what was going on in the mind of the person who gave this restaurant such a name which primarily fills you with disgust and is truly eww-worthy!

Image Source

9. Cocks

This again is the creation of some naughty mind that can’t think beyond it but at one fell swoop, this creepy name is something that no visitor will ever forget. Even though you don’t go inside and just passed by it, this weird name will always be inked in your memory.

Image Source

10. Pizza Orgasmica

Pizza is a favorite of many of us but never thought that someone can actually relate it with orgasm!! Don’t know what feeling the person who gave eatery this name would have got while eating pizza that such a bizarre name cropped in his/her mind. In fact, the tagline below it “The Original Sin” will again make you wonder whether they are talking of a dish or something else, if you know what I mean 😉

Image Source

11. Cabbages and Condoms

Cabbage is quite good for health and its inclusion in any restaurant’s name may be suggestive of the idea that healthy food is served here but the second thing that the name includes makes us think whether some other sort of services are also provided in the hotel. What do you say?

Image Source

12. Second Wife Restaurant

I bet that no woman would want to visit this restaurant as its name is not sending good vibes, don’t know about men though! Whatever, food is the main concern while eating outside and if the quality is good, it may attract foodies who are simply not worried with any other aspect except the taste and excellence of their favorite dishes.

Image Source

13. Bewakoof Hotel

It’s a matter of great interest who is called ‘Bewakoof’ (fool) here, the customer or the owner and staff. Such names don’t sound pretty good if you have to tell anyone where you had been since you might even be mocked for it, forget about your experience there. The services and food quality come much later but people will surely laugh at first after hearing this name.

Image Source

14. The Golden Stool

The name will make you puke, leave going inside and try any dish or drink. We must applaud the courage of those who actually visit restaurants with such names and dare to eat anything there as eatery with this name initially fills your mind with stuffs and images that will make it difficult to gulp water or swallow anything.
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Which name you feel is the most weird, do let us know.

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