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10 Wonderful Restaurants With Unique Themes You Must Visit At Least Once In Your Lifetime 

10 Wonderful Restaurants With Unique Themes You Must Visit At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Eating out was one of the most loved things before the coronavirus pandemic broke out. However, now people are not so enthusiastic about dining out as there is a risk of getting infected while visiting a crowded place. Let’s just hope that everything gets back to normal soon. Here is a list of some amazing restaurants where you should visit after everything gets fine.

1. Hawai Adda, Ludhiana

This airplane restaurant got famous due to the out-of-box thinking of its owners. This airplane inside which people enjoy their food is actually Airbus 320 which used to fly once for Air India.

2. Hijack 2.0, Ahmedabad

This is also a unique and amazing restaurant as it is inside a moving Double Decker bus where you not only have delicious food but can also get a good view of the city.

3. Central Perk, Pune

This is a perfect place to visit and have fun for the fans of FRIENDS, the American sitcom series which was the story of six friends. It will give you a feel that you have become a part of the series and the lives of the characters.

4. Taste of Darkness, Hyderabad

In this restaurant, people have to dine in darkness and have to recognize their food by touching it. After visiting this restaurant, a person understands what all a visually impaired person has to go through in his life on a daily basis.

5. Ciclo Café, Gurugram

A visit to this café will take back you into those days when bicycle used to be an important part of your life. Most of the furniture has been made by using the parts of bicycle and bicycle enthusiasts can also read the books on bicycle over there.

6. 70mm Hyderabad

A must visit for a movie buffs as here they can see the statues of their favorite actors along with many other things related to movie world.

7. The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai

The Bombay Stock Exchange is the busiest stock exchange of the country and the Bar Stock Exchange is certainly in the right city. Here the prices of drinks go up and down as per the demand of the drinks in that night.

8. The Black Pearl, Bengaluru

This restaurant is based on the theme of the movie of Pirates of the Caribbean. Over here you will feel as if you are on a ship of a pirate.

9. Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

This restaurant offers experience of having food in prison to the customer. The staff is dressed as jailers and wardens to make you feel the right way.

10. Silver Metro, Bengaluru

This restaurant is designed as the metro train and certainly gives a great experience to the diners.

Have you ever been to any such restaurant? Let us know about it.

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