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10 Foods You Think Are Veg But They Are Actually Non-Veg 

10 Foods You Think Are Veg But They Are Actually Non-Veg

People think that being a vegetarian is very tough as there are limited choices for them but in reality the vegetarian cuisine has a large amount of delicious dishes which can make anyone go crazy. However, today we are going to tell you about some food items which are considered as veg but they are actually non-veg in nature:

1. Naan:

Eating paneer delicacies with naan will further increase the taste of the dish but do you know that in some restaurants egg is used while kneading the dough of naan. Egg is used to make naan softer and more elastic.

2. Salad dressings:

Salad is one of the best options for the vegetarians especially in the foreign countries but they should also inquire about the salad dressings. Many salad dressings are non-vegetarian so be careful next time.

3. Cake Mix:

Many people purchase cake mix as they prefer to bake cake at home rather than buying from market as they feel that cake sold by bakeries has egg in it. However some cake mixes also have egg in it so do read ingredients before buying a cake mix.

4. Jelly sweet:

Jelly sweet is loved by all whether it is a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian but jelly also has gelatin which is procured from the collagen which is being derived from the body parts of animals. However, the good news is that many companies have now started using starch instead of gelatin.

5. Packaged Yogurt:

The same thing goes with the yogurt, it also has gelatin.

6. Dark chocolate:

Usually the whey powder used by the manufacturers has an enzyme named as rennet which is taken out from the stomach of calf. So think before digging your mouth in a dark chocolate.

7. Veg soups:

Some veg soups are not completely veg as fish sauce is added to them, so enquire first before ordering veg soup next time you visit a restaurant.

8. White sugar:

White sugar is a basic ingredient which is used in every household. However, do you know that it is bleached by natural carbon which is actually charred animal bones. Opt for brown sugar or jaggery.

9. Cooking oil:

If your cooking oil contains Omega-3 acid, then let us tell you that it has been taken out from fish oil. If your oil has Vitamin D then there are pretty good chances that the source is sheep.

10. Patties and puff:

For getting fluffy and crispy patties and puff, the most common method used by bakers is to use a layer of egg on it.

Do you know about more such food items? Add to the list.


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