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10 Foods That You Should Not Have Empty Stomach 

10 Foods That You Should Not Have Empty Stomach

There is no denying the fact that a person’s health is his biggest wealth. In order to maintain health, a person should be aware of what he should eat and what he should not. He should also have knowledge about the manner in which he should eat his favorite items. Here is a list of food items which are considered very healthy but they can be very harmful if eaten empty stomach:

1. Citrus fruits:

Eating citrus foods in breakfast can result in heartburn if they are eaten empty stomach. Citrus fruits should also be avoided in breakfast because they can cause gastric ulcers.

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2. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes have a good amount of tannic acid and they increase the acids in stomach considerably which will make a person feel uneasy. Eating tomatoes empty stomach can be more problematic for those who have stomach ulcers.

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3. Bananas:

Bananas should not be consumed empty stomach because it will result in an increase of magnesium which may be very harmful for the heart.

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4. Sweets:

The sugar content of the sweets will increase the level of insulin which in turn will increase the work of pancreas. Eating sweets in the morning increases the risk of diabetes.

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5. Pears:

Pears should not be eaten in breakfast because the crude fiber present in the fruit will harm the membranes of the stomach. It will then slow down the digestion process which will be very bad for a person health wise.

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6. Spicy meal:

Having a spicy meal empty stomach may lead to acidic reactions as spices are pungent in nature. The person may suffer from cramps and digestive problems.

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7. Raw vegetables or salad:

Salad may be a very healthy food item but having it empty stomach may give rise to many health problems. A person may suffer from heart burn, abdominal pain as the vegetables contain amino acid.

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8. Coffee:

Coffee is considered a very good option for getting rid of sleep and many people like to have it in the morning. However, having coffee empty stomach may result in acidity and gastric problems.

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9. Yogurt:

The production of hydrochloric acid starts as a person consumes yogurt empty stomach. This hydrochloric acid doesn’t let the lactic acid bacteria survive and the person suffers from acidity.

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10. Food items that have yeast:

Consuming food items that have yeast empty stomach will irritate the stomach and give rise to the problem of flatulence.

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Do you know about more such food items? Share with us.


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