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10 Foods That Actually Make You More Hungry 

10 Foods That Actually Make You More Hungry

There are times when you dig your teeth in some food items as you want to satisfy your hunger but what happens next is that you start feeling hungrier. Have you ever thought about it was to why this has happened? Well this happens because there are some food items which make you feel hungrier after you consume them and here is a list of few such food items:

1. White bread:

The bran is removed from the white flour during the processing so not much fiber content remains in the toast. The insulin levels in the body get increased which makes people feel hungry.

2. Packaged juices:

Such juices comprised of artificial flavors, huge amount of sugar and no pulp because of which the level of blood sugar spikes leaving the person wanting for more.

3. Apples:

An apple a day may keep a doctor away but it will certainly increase your hunger as it has around 95 percent of carbohydrates which is not able to fill our stomach.

4. Yogurt:

The frozen yogurt may make your feel hungrier due to the high amount of sugar in it.

5. Fast food items:

Majority of the fast food dishes decreases the potential of human body to generate neurotransmitters which are responsible for controlling the appetite. Because of this, even after having fast food, we feel like to have some more.

6. White Pasta:

It is made of enriched flour which lacks fiber, many minerals and vitamins as well because of which the hunger is not satisfied.

7. Donuts, Muffins, etc:

Good amount of insulin is released after food items with huge amount of sugar are consumed which makes the person feel hungrier.

8. Monosodium glutamate (MSG):

It enhances the taste of the dish and is mostly used in cooking Chinese dishes. However, you avoid consuming the additive because as per a research it increases the hunger.

9. Diet drinks:

The huge amount of artificial sweeteners may bring a spike in energy for sometime but soon the person will start feeling hungry.

10. Chips:

Chips, popcorns, etc. have good amount of salt which makes us feel dehydrated and we not only feel thirsty but hungry as well.

Do you know about more such food items? Share with us.


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