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10 Food Combinations You Should Not Have Together If You Want To Stay Healthy 

10 Food Combinations You Should Not Have Together If You Want To Stay Healthy

Delicious food is a weakness of many people but there are certain precautions which should be taken by every person when it comes to having different food items together. There are some food items which should not be taken together as they can be harmful for health. Here is a list of 10 such food combinations which should be avoided:

1. Pizza with cola drinks:

Pizza with cola drinks should not be consumed together because pizza has good amount of proteins and starch which slows down the digestion. The cola drinks have good amount of sugar which will further slow down the digestive system.

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2. Banana with milk:

You may have seen people consuming banana with milk in order to gain weight but this combination is very harmful for health. Not only it is a toxin combination, it will also slow down the functioning of mind and body. If you are fond of banana shake or banana smoothie, do add cinnamon powder or green cardamom to help your digestive system.

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3. Mutton with prawns:

Usually we don’t cook these two non-veg items together but don’t even think of consuming them together if you get the chance to do so in parties, etc. Having them together may create problems for digestive system.

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4. Water with meals:

Having water while eating meals will harm the digestive system as the acids which are produced in stomach for digesting the food get diluted because of water. This slows down the digestion.

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5. Juice with dalia:

Many of us like to drink juice while having dalia in the breakfast but it is not good for health. These two food items will increase the blood sugar levels instantly and then the levels will come down after sometime. Such fluctuation is not good for health.

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6. Meat with potatoes:

A combination of animal protein with carbohydrates will result in gastric problems.

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7. Yogurt with fruits:

Yogurt with fruits is a big NO as the acid which is present in yogurt may react with the fruits and a person may suffer from allergies as well.

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8. Bacon with eggs:

Both the food items are very high in protein so it is better to avoid having them together.

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9. Mint with coke

Never have mint with coke because it may make you very uncomfortable due to the acidic reactions taking place in your body.

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10. Fruits with meals:

Never have fruits with meals or after meals because fruits get digest easily but carbs, fats and proteins take time to digest. This combination will create problems for digestive system.

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Do you know about more such food combinations? Share with us.


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