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Someone Shares Pic Of Pants Made From Aaloo Ka Bora, Twitter Says “2020 Me Yahi Dekhna Baki Tha” 

Someone Shares Pic Of Pants Made From Aaloo Ka Bora, Twitter Says “2020 Me Yahi Dekhna Baki Tha”

Every person is unique in his own sense and while some like to follow the fashion trends, there are some who like to go with the dresses in which they feel are comfortable and which align with their attitude. The real beauty of fashion trends is that they keep evolving over the time and many times we also see that the old fashion tends to return, may be with little changes.

However, in the recent past we have seen the clothing firms coming up with really weird fashion trends such as bucket hats, sandal straps tucked into jeans, cut out pants, square toed shoes, etc. Recently a clothing company launched denim jeans and denim overalls with fake grass stains which were priced exorbitantly. You will be surprised to know that the price of the denim jeans with fake grass stains was around Rs. 56K while the denim overalls were priced over Rs.1 lakh. At that time, people made fun of this dress as such grass stains they used to get on their jeans while playing in the sports field in their childhood.

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But have you ever thought of wearing trousers of the jute bags which are used to fill rice, potato, wheat, etc. Well, you may have never thought about it but it is a reality now as a clothing firm has made pants made of jute bags and the internet is once again full of memes and jokes after a Twitter user shared a photo of those trousers.

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The Twitter user who posted the photo of this pant is IPS officer Arun Bothra.

In response another user showed the backside of the pant with the caption, “पूर्णतः स्वदेशी तकनीक से निर्मित घरेलू उत्पाद. (A local product manufactured with completely Swadeshi technology)”

Here are some selected reactions of the twitterati:

Though the price of these trousers is still not known, what do you think what must be going in the mind of the designer while thinking of this concept and will you wear such trousers, do let us know.

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