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8 Strange Things That Reveal A Marriage Won’t Last Long 

8 Strange Things That Reveal A Marriage Won’t Last Long

In the older times, marriages used to last till people breathe their last but with the changing times a lot has changed in regard to marriages as well. Earlier, husband and wife never thought of leaving each other even if they fight a lot but nowadays people don’t mind in separating even for a dispute which could have been solved amicably.

A marriage doesn’t get torn apart at one instance, there are many signs that are visible at regular intervals which can reveal that marriage won’t last long. Many studies have been carried out in regard to the increasing rate of divorces and based on some of those studies we are listing out 8 bizarre facts/things which can tell you in advance that marriage of that person won’t last long.

1. Number of colleagues of opposite gender:

A study was carried out by researchers from Denmark in which they found out that the chances of a person getting divorced increases by 15 percent if he/she has good number of colleagues of opposite gender in office.

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2. Avoiding communication:

If a couple is avoiding communication between them just because they are afraid that it will increase the conflict then they are harming their relationship more by remaining silent. Talking is the best way to resolve the conflicts while remaining silent will increase misunderstandings and it will further increase chances of divorce.

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3. Too much love in newlyweds:

Ted Huston who is a psychologist by profession carried out a study on 168 couples for a long period of 13 years and the findings were quite shocking. It was found that the couples who got separated after 7 or more years used to show love or affection towards their partner more by one-third in comparison to other couples. As the time passes, a person has to take care of lot of other responsibilities and this doesn’t give them the chance to express their love with same intensity. It was observed that couples who are not much dramatic in showing love are the ones who have long lasting and successful marriages.

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4. Financial problems and unemployment:

It has also been observed that financial problems and unemployment increases the problems of relations as we may act philosophical by saying that money is not everything but in reality money is a very important thing for us to survive in this world. It is seen that most of the divorced guys are low-earning who are not able to spend even sufficient amount on the well-being of his wife and kids.

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5. Number of smiles in photos of childhood:

Some psychologists conducted a test in which they noticed the number of smiles in the photos of a person from childhood, school and college days and their connection with divorce. It was found that people who frown more or look gloomy have more chances of getting divorced in comparison to those who are found smiling in the photos.

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6. The behavior of mother:

There is no denying the fact that parents are idols of their kids and almost every kid likes to follow their parents. It has been observed that if a mother is not stable in relationships then there are good chances of her kids also not being stable in any relationship.

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7. Husband’s negative behavior towards the friends of his wife:

It has also been observed that problems in a marriage can increase if a husband expresses his dislikeness for his wife’s friends, especially in the initial phase of the marriage. Friends are like a support system for a person so showing good attitude towards the friends of your partner will make her/him feel better.

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8. The size of bed:

Sounds a little weird but the size of bed also plays an important role in successful marriage. It the bed is narrow than the couple may not get good sleep which further increase the chances of divorce. However, if the bed is big then the partners will be able to sleep better and the chances of conflict will decrease as they will be in a good mood. The partners may also opt for sleeping on different beds if they have a narrow bed in order to get good sleep.

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Did you knew these strange facts?

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