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Long Queue At #BabaKaDhaba After 80-Yr Couple’s Video Went Viral, Even Celebs Are Supporting 

Long Queue At #BabaKaDhaba After 80-Yr Couple’s Video Went Viral, Even Celebs Are Supporting

There is no doubt that social media is one of the most powerful mediums in the present day world and it all depends on us whether we use it for spreading positivity or negativity. Recently, an incident has taken place which is one of the best examples of constructive use of social media as it has changed someone’s life in a positive way. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about #BabaKaDhaba which is going viral on the Internet and trending on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

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The coronavirus pandemic has destroyed the small businesses, especially the businesses such as roadside eating outlets, dhabas, street food vendors, etc. in view of the fact that majority of people stopped eating outside in the last few months. Gaurav Wasan, the owner of youtubeswadofficial posted a video on his Instagram account about an old couple who are in their 80s and are running a small eatery in this age because they are not getting any support from their kids.

The name of their small eating outlet is Baba Ka Dhaba located at Malviya Nagar in Delhi and they provide some common traditional Indian food dishes; such as dal, chawal, tawa roti, aloo soyabean, matar paneer, and other items at very nominal prices. Nevertheless, the business is pretty low and they are not even able to recover the cost incurred in making the dishes. When Gaurav Wasan asked the owner Kanta Prasad about his earnings for the day, he showed few Rs. 10 notes and tears came out of his and his wife’s eyes which was really something heart-breaking.

Gaurav ensured them that he would run a campaign to help them and he asked all his followers and viewers to have a meal at this dhaba in order to support them.

Here is the video:

The video soon went viral and while there were some who wanted to know their details in order to make donations, few others promised to visit them and eat over there. The campaign was soon joined by celebrities such as Sonam Ahuja, Suniel Shetty, Akash Banerjee and others. The good thing is that now people are visiting Baba Ka Dhaba in good numbers and even the news channels have reported about them.

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Check out some of the selected tweets in this regard:

Here are some tweets which will show you how powerful social media is:

Soon the AAP MLA from Delhi, Somnath Bharti also got to know about Baba Ka Dhaba and he not only visited them but also assured some support.

Baba is a very happy person now and in a recent video, he said that not just to him but help should be provided to others as well because many people have suffered in these tough times.

We certainly agree with Baba and undoubtedly Gaurav Wasan should also be praised for his selfless effort which brought a smile on the faces of the old couple.

We also request our readers to support local businesses in the tough times as they don’t have enough savings even for their two times meal.

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