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10 Food Businesses Which Can Be Started With Low Investment 

10 Food Businesses Which Can Be Started With Low Investment

Many of us dream to quit our jobs and start our own business but the biggest problem in setting up business is capital. It’s not easy for everyone to arrange capital for a new venture but you may choose a business which requires low investment to start. Here are some businesses which can be started with pretty low investment:

1. Cooking classes:

This is one of best alternatives for those who are expert in cooking and have the capability to teach cooking to others. This business can be started from home because of which not much investment is required.

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2. Juice shop:

Health has become a priority nowadays especially due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fruit juices are very helpful in increasing the immunity and also in getting body rejuvenated. It can be started from a small shop and the raw material is also easily available in every city.

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3. Pickle vendor:

Making and selling pickle is also a good option for those who can’t invest much as this business. It can be started from home and no special training is required. The home-based pickle industry will grow as most people prefer to buy pickles from local stores rather than buying pickles of branded companies.

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4. Catering business:

People with good management skills along with cooking skills can easily start this business. It may be a little difficult in starting to get orders but once you get popular, you won’t have any trouble.

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5. Chocolate production:

Making chocolate and selling it is also one of the best options. Chocolates have a high demand and people will love to try hands on those chocolates which will be quite different from the branded ones.

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6. Papad making:

Papad is one of the most loved snacks of Indian society and now its demand is increasing in foreign countries as well. This business can also be started at home and investment required is also not high.

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7. Namkeen shop:

Making namkeens and selling from home or tying up with local stores can give you good profits. Do make sure that you take proper care of hygiene and quality of raw material.

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8. Jam & Jelly business:

This is also one of those businesses which can be started from home. The raw material needed for it is also easily available in the market.

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9. Grocery shop:

A grocery shop business can be started from a small shop or from home also depending upon the location of the home.

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10. Food truck:

If you want to set up a restaurant but don’t have capital for it then you can also start with a food truck. It not only requires less investment but you can also be very creative in designing your truck.

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Do you have other business ideas too? Share with us.


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