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Sunil Gavaskar Responds To Anushka Sharma & Haters For Targeting Him, Reveals Truth 

Sunil Gavaskar Responds To Anushka Sharma & Haters For Targeting Him, Reveals Truth

Every year we get to see some controversy getting erupted in the IPL and this year is also no exception to it. However this time, the controversy has taken birth off the field, in fact in the commentary box. Sunil Gavaskar, the former Indian cricketer who is working as a commentator is in the center of the controversy and he got heavily slammed by netizens for something which he has not done.

Let us give you a little glimpse of what happened; the Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper Virat Kohli performed pretty badly in the match against Kings XI Punjab while fielding and while batting as well. Virat dropped two easy catches of KXIP skipper KL Rahul who went on to score 132*, the highest score by any Indian in the IPL. If this was not enough, the RCB skipper got out on 1 when his team was chasing the target of 207.

The controversy:

During the match while doing commentary, Sunil Gavaskar said that Virat understands the more he practices, the more he will improve but in lockdown, he was able to practice only on Anushka’s bowling. Gavaskar was hinting towards the video in which Anushka was seen bowling and Virat was batting in their building compound while the video was shot by someone from the nearby building.

Here is what Gavaskar actually said:

However, there are many people who love to create misunderstandings and someone misrepresented Gavaskar’s statement in such a way that the former Indian cricketer was trolled mercilessly as many felt that he made a s*xist and derogatory remark for Anushka Sharma, wife of Virat Kohli. What was more surprising was that Anushka Sharma also took to social media networks and slammed Gavaskar. She asked him as to how he can hold her responsible for the poor performance of her husband.

Sunil Gavaskar responded:

When the situation got worse, Sunil Gavaskar cleared the air by telling his side of story and during the match between Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals, Gavaskar once again talked on the issue while doing commentary.

The legendary cricketer asked everyone not to trust the headlines and urged them to watch the clip first and then tell him what mistake he has committed. Sunil Gavaskar said that he said nothing s*xist and has a clear conscience. As per him, he has no complaint against Anushka or anyone else but people should watch the clip first and then ask questions to him.

Whatever was done by social media users in regard to trolling Sunil Gavaskar was unfortunate but don’t you think that at least Anushka Sharma could have reacted in a matured manner? She could have watched the clip first before writing a long post. What do you say?

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