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Sonu Sood Gives A Befitting Reply To Haters Who Call Him Fraud, Says “I’ve Data Of 7 Lakh People” 

Sonu Sood Gives A Befitting Reply To Haters Who Call Him Fraud, Says “I’ve Data Of 7 Lakh People”

Sonu Sood, the actor who has worked not only in Hindi movies but also in Punjabi, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil films had a good fan following but the count of his followers increased immensely during the coronavirus lockdown. The actor became a household name and people showered their love and affection on him in various ways, for example some named their businesses after him while few named their new born babies Sonu, etc.

Sonu Sood became the messiah of migrant workers when he arranged for their transportation so that they could return to their homes. In simple words, the person who mostly portrayed the role of villain in the flicks emerged as the hero or the man with the golden heart in real life.

Sonu Sood trolled & called fraud:

However recently, the “Happy New Year” actor was trolled on social media networks and was called the biggest fraud of the year 2020. The reason behind it was that the tweets and the Twitter handles of the people who requested for help to Sonu Sood amid the COVID-19 lockdown got deleted. Many started saying that Sonu Sood did everything for publicity as he wanted to fight elections and this was the work of some PR agency.

Sonu Sood’s befitting reply to haters:

Now the actor has responded to the trolls in a befitting manner. Firstly, he narrated a story which he heard in his childhood. In this story, a saint was walking through a forest with a beautiful and magnificent horse. Suddenly a robber came to him and asked for the horse. The saint was very brave and he refused to give the horse to the robber. After seeing that he wouldn’t be able to take the horse from the saint by force, the robber dressed as an old man and acted as if he was having problem in walking. The saint offered the horse to the old man and before leaving, the latter revealed that he is none other than the robber himself. The saint told the robber that he can take his horse but asked him not to tell anyone how he took it from the saint because if people come to know about it, they would stop doing good acts.

Sonu Sood says that this story is his reply to the haters. They are trolling him because they are getting paid for it but it doesn’t have any effect on him. The actor then reiterates that he will keep on doing good things. According to Sonu Sood, he has complete data such as name, phone numbers, addresses and Aadhaar card numbers of 7,03,246 people whom he has helped. This also includes the data of students whom he brought from abroad along with the migrant workers whom he helped in returning home. The actor further says that he doesn’t need to clarify as he has the data and his message for the trollers is that instead of trolling him, they should go out and help the needy.

As far as becoming a political leader is concerned, Sonu Sood has earlier made it clear that he has no intention of getting into politics as of now because he feels that as an actor, he still has a lot to do and besides that, he is also not ready for politics.

What is your opinion in this regard? Do let us know.

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