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Forget The Actors, These Bollywood Actresses Also Got Married Twice Or Thrice 

Forget The Actors, These Bollywood Actresses Also Got Married Twice Or Thrice

Relationships in the showbiz industry are complicated and hence marriages getting failed or more than one relationship is a common sight. What’s more, in today’s world, people don’t shy away from raising their voice against what is wrong in their perception or distancing themselves from something or someone they don’t find comfortable anymore. They give a second chance to themselves because staying happy is everyone’s right and crying in the name of a failed relationship is no less than an injustice to the beautiful life that the God has bequeathed us with.

In this article, we are going to talk about 5 such B-Town actresses whose first marriage didn’t work and then they gave it another chance:

  1. Neelam Kothari

It was in the year 2000 that Neelam Kothari got married to Rishi Sethia, the son of a rich businessman, in spite of the fact that his family was not ready for this wedding.

However as their relationship didn’t work, they parted ways. Some time later, Ekta Kapoor introduced Neelam to actor Samir Soni who also faced a troubled relationship with Rajlakshmi Khanvilkar, a model by profession. Samir and Neelam got attracted towards each other and dated for around three years before eventually tying the knot in 2011.

  1. Bindiya Goswami

Bindiya Goswami saw a lot of ups and downs as far as relationships are concerned. She first fell for Vinod Mehra, a married man, and since Bindiya’s parents refused this marriage for obvious reasons, she purportedly eloped to get married to him. Quite amazingly, Vinod didn’t divorce his wife Meena Broca before marriage with Bindiya.

Nevertheless, things started getting back to normal but then she found love in filmmaker JP Dutta and eloped with him even without taking divorce from Vinod and never wanted return. Now JP Dutta and Bindiya have got hitched and are proud parents of two daughters.

  1. Yogeeta Bali

In the year 1976, Yogeeta Bali tied the knot with Kishore Kumar who was already married twice.

As the luck would have it, their married life was not a happy one too. During the shooting of “Khwab”, Yogeeta found love in Mithun Chakraborty who was also unhappy with his first wife Helena Luke. Yogeeta divorced Kishore in 1978 and got married to Mithun the next year.

  1. Kirror Kher

Kirror Kher was first married to a businessman Gautam Berry but their relationship didn’t work. She later tied the knot with her best friend Anupam Kher whom she knew from the days when she used to do theatre in Chandigarh.

Anupam was also not happy with his first marriage and though they had been just friends initially, the actor started falling for Kirron slowly and proposed to her. Kirron divorced Gautam Berry and it was in 1985 that she got married to Anupam who happily accepted Kirron’s son from the first husband too. They appear to be the most amazing and lively couple and as per Kirron, Anupam is the most romantic man.

  1. Neelima Azeem

Neelima Azeem tied the knot three times as she first got hitched with TV and Bollywood actor Pankaj Kapoor and the couple has a son Shahid Kapoor who is now a Bollywood superstar. Neelima and Pankaj’s relation didn’t work and they called it quits; at that time, Shahid was just 3 years old.

Subsequently she found love in Rajesh Khattar and the couple got blessed with a son whom they named Ishaan and he is also a B-Town actor now. This time too, Neelima’s relationship failed and she divorced Rajesh in the year 2001. Eventually she tied the knot with Ustaad Raza Ali Khan whom she knew since childhood.

Do you think we missed any actress? Let us know.

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