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Disha Patani Slammed For Sharing Artwork Of Argentinian Artist & Calling It Her Brother’s Work 

Disha Patani Slammed For Sharing Artwork Of Argentinian Artist & Calling It Her Brother’s Work

Bollywood is often accused of plagiarism as the people from this industry love to get inspired from the work of others and then they either copy it completely or use it without giving credits to the original artist.

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Disha Patani, the famous Bollywood actress who is known more for her bold photoshoots rather than her acting skills is in the centre of controversy as she shared an anime artwork on her official Instagram account and claimed that it has been created by her brother Suryansh Patani.

She captioned the post as, “#sketchbysuri my little bro’s art inspired by inhoso”.

Here is the post:


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#sketchbysuri ❤️🌸 my little bro’s art inspired by inhoso🦋

A post shared by disha patani (paatni) (@dishapatani) on Oct 21, 2020 at 10:08pm PDT

But soon the anonymous Instagram account, Diet Sabya came out with the truth and revealed that this artwork is not drawn by Disha’s brother. Diet Sabya stated that it is actually created by an artist from Argentina, Inhoso and the image shared by Disha is completely identical to the image created by Inhoso excluding the watermark. This image is of a character Malina from Helltaker, a video game. The original artwork was first posted by Inhoso sometime in July.

Diet Sabya Stories:

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The followers who knew about this anime artwork didn’t wasted time in calling out Disha for speaking lie and some of them even informed the original artist about it. Here are some of the comments:












Inhoso, the original creator also responded on the incident and cleared that he is not Disha’s brother and his work has been posted by her without his content. He thanked his fans for being so active in revealing the truth but he also said that this artwork was drawn for fan art which is illegal so nothing can be done in this case. He added that though it is highly frustrating but he also asked his fans not to be mean and insulting to Disha. He also wrote that he is neither angry nor mad but happy that so many people spoke for him and brought the truth out for the world.

Inhoso Stories:

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The matter has got highlighted a lot in very less time but it is sort of surprising that Disha Patani has not deleted the post till now because it is the only thing that Bollywood celebs do when they got caught.

Do let us know your reaction in this regard.

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