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Deepika Padukone’s Gehraiyaan Slammed By Former Police Commissioner, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw reacts 

Deepika Padukone’s Gehraiyaan Slammed By Former Police Commissioner, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw reacts

Deepika Padukone’s recent release Gehraiyaan which has been streaming on Amazon Prime since Feb 11, 2020 has received mixed reviews, while some have loved the plot of the movie and the twists that come in the movie especially in the last one hour, some are full praises for Deepika Padukone for her super acting but there are some who are not happy with the subject of the movie and the former police commissioner and ADGP (Railways), Bhaskar Rao is also one of them.


The movie is directed by Shakun Batra and it also stars Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Pandey and Dhairya Karwa in lead roles and in the movie, though Deepika is committed to Dhairya but she started having an affair with the fiancé (Siddhant) of her cousin sister (Ananya). Deepika has also been trolled for the intimate scenes that she has done with Siddhant in the movie and some days back, the former police commissioner of Benglauru, Bhaskar Rao took to the micro-blogging site, Twitter and wrote that he was not able to watch the movie beyond 20 minutes. He added that he is a big fan of the Bangalore girl who is an achiever and icon for many youngsters but he has problem with the subject of the movie as it shows extramarital affair and destruction of home. He also asks the netizens whether he is an old fashion person.


This is what Bhaskar Rao tweeted,

“We started watching #Gehraaiyaan, 20 mins later,stopped, I found it an affront ..I am fan of Deepika,our BLR girl; she’s idolized by millions of young women as Icon Achiever & Courageous.Extramarital & destruction of Home, some may feel it’s OK, Very wrong msg. Am I old fashion?”

However, not everyone agreed with Bhaskar Rao and people started giving their opinion about the movie. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, the famous Indian business woman entrepreneur responded to Bhaskar Rao by asking him to watch the full movie and praised performance of Deepika. She wrote,

“You shd watch the whole film it’s really well made with a few twists at the end. Deepika’s performance is amazing”


Bhaskar Rao made his stand clear by stating that Deepika is amazing in every role that she plays but he has problem with the message given by the movie as many youngsters blindly follow the Bollywood celebs.

He wrote,

“Kiran Ma’am, @deepikapadukone performance is amazing in any role. My reaction is to the film’s message conveyed to society by a person followed by millions. As police officer, I have seen how youth just blindly follow them, youngsters feel it’s ok to indulge &homes fall,crimes rise”

When another netizen stated that movies are fictional stories and people should have enough maturity to understand the difference between reality and movie. This time Bhaskar Rao explained the effect of movies on the society by referring to a Kannada movie, Dandupalya which showed crime against senior citizens. Bhaskar Rao said that there was an increase in the crimes against senior citizens after the movie got released and even the criminals accepted that they were influenced by the movie. He wrote,

“Not everyone has your maturity. After Kannada film Dandupalya was released, we saw a rise in murder of senior citizens which the movie portray ed, the killers admitted too,eulogizing rowdies have also increased rowdism and extortion,young, rich, unemployed have no role models..”

There is no denying the fact that former police commissioner has a better understanding of crime and criminals and he must have seen many examples of people committing crimes after getting influenced by movies but it is also true that people should develop enough maturity to understand that movies are different from real-life.

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