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Adnan Sami Gave A Kickass Reply To The Twitter User Who Insulted Lata Mangeshkar 

Adnan Sami Gave A Kickass Reply To The Twitter User Who Insulted Lata Mangeshkar

Music is certainly magical; it can soothe your senses or make you excited depending on the choices that you make for listening for example a devotional song can help you soak in the divinity while a party song can compel you to shake your leg and groove to its tunes. While the music composer and the lyricists are the ones who complete the song, it is the singer who makes it possible to get the song heard by millions.

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Bollywood has given us many melodious singers but if you have to name a singer who has literally ruled the industry with the help of her beautiful voice then it has to be Lata Mangeshkar. The 91-yr old playback singer has been in the industry for around 70 years and she has sung more than 25 thousand songs in various languages mainly being Hindi, Marathi, Assamese and Bengali. Lata Mangeshkar is also called as the Nightingale of India and has a huge fan following not just in India but in foreign countries as well.

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Lata Mangeshkar has been awarded with the highest civilian award Bharat Ratna by the government of India in the year 2001 for the immense contribution that she has made in the field of music. The French government also honoured the Indian playback singer with the Officer of the Legion of Honour, their highest civilian award in the year 2007. The legendary singer has received many awards and recognitions and there is no denying the fact that she certainly deserves all of them.

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However a Twitter user who goes by the handle, @iKaveri feels that Lata Mangeshkar doesn’t have a good voice , it is just that the Indians have been brainwashed to believe that she has a good voice and she is overused, damaged and has sung more than her shelf life. She stated all this negative things about Lata Mangeshkar in a series of tweets:

Soon she was slammed by the netizens for her views on the legendary singer but the most kickass reply was given by the singer Adnan Sami who became an Indian citizen sometime back.

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He tweeted, “’Bandar Kya Jaane Adrak Ka Swaad’….It’s better to stay silent and appear stupid than to open your mouth & remove all doubt!!”

It was really hard to believe for many ardent Indian music lovers to believe that someone can hate Lata Mangeshkar and her voice, what is your take in this matter, do let us know.

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