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7 Instances When We Need A Senior Like Sandeep Bhaiya From Aspirants To Crack Exams & Life 

7 Instances When We Need A Senior Like Sandeep Bhaiya From Aspirants To Crack Exams & Life

The digital platforms have certainly increased our options of entertainment and now we don’t need to depend solely on the television as we can see some really good web series and shows on YouTube or OTT channels.

While there are some web series which you forget after some time of watching, there are some web series which you may remember forever as they touch your heart and are relatable. Aspirants by The Viral Fever (TVF) is one such series which seems to have touch the chords of many youngsters especially those who have only one aim in life and that is to clear Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination and become an IAS officer.


The story revolves around three friends – Abhilash, Guri and SK but the character which was liked the most by the audiences was of Sandeep who was an inspiration for many IAS aspirants especially Abhilash.


We have chosen 7 sequences from the show in which Sandeep Bhaiya (Sunny Hinduja) has given the gyaan of life to Abhilash (Naveen Kasturia).

1. When Abhilash asks Sandeep bhaiya that why doesn’t he listen to news in the phone (radio), Sandeep bhaiya makes him understand that remaining away from the distractions should be the priority for an IAS aspirant.

2. Sandeep bhaiya made Abhilash smell the coffee when they met first time and the latter was expecting free of cost guidance from the person who had passed the UPSC mains two times.

3. Abhilash tries to make Sandeep bhaiya understand that he wants help in discussing subject syllabus, etc, it is then Sandeep bhaiya mocks him for not joining coaching.

4. The moment when Sandeep bhaiya makes Abhilash think and find the answer to the question that why does he wants to become an IAS. Sandeep bhaiya makes it clear to Abhilash that he doesn’t have to find the answer for the interview panel but for himself.

5. The time when Sandeep bhaiya scolds Abhilash for not attending the IAS officer’s seminar in his coaching institute

6. Sandeep bhaiya and Abhilash, both are quite frank with each other and they don’t hesitate in talking about their insecurities with each other. When the topic of plan B (what they will do if they are not able to clear the exams) comes up, this is how the conversation went on.

7. Sandeep bhaiya gives Abhilash the most important lesson of life which was about forgiveness when they met each other after 6 years.

Is there any Sandeep bhaiya in your life, if yes do share some lessons of life that he gave you.

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