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12 Powerful Villains Of Bollywood And Their Gorgeous Daughters 

12 Powerful Villains Of Bollywood And Their Gorgeous Daughters

The credit for the success of a movie is mostly given to the leading actor and the actress as well but we just can’t ignore the hard work that has been done by the villains or the actors who played the negative roles. In the modern times, even the leading actors don’t mind playing negative roles but in the older times, the actors were very conscious about their image because of which the heroes used to play only the character of hero only. In those times, there were certain actors who used to play the roles of villains mostly and some of them were really class actors.

Today we will talk about those villains and their beautiful daughters:

1. Raj Babbar – Juhi Babbar

Raj Babbar has worked in many Hindi and Punjabi movies and has played roles of various shades ranging from the hero to villain. Raj Babbar’s daughter is Juhi Babbar who was not able to make any impact in Bollywood but has worked in TV and theatre as well. She is married to TV actor Anup Soni and the couple also has a son.


2. Shakti Kapoor – Shraddha Kapoor

Shakti Kapoor is one of the most famous villains of the Bollywood and his daughter Shraddha Kapoor has become one of the most sought after actresses of Bollywood in the present times.


3. Kulbhushan Kharbanda – Shruti Kharbanda

The Shakaal of Bollywood, Kulbhushan Kharbanda has played many other roles in his illustrious career but he is best known for his role of villain named Shakaal in movie Shaan which also starred Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor. His daughter is Shruti Kharbanda who has stayed away from Bollywood but is very active on social media handles.


4. Amrish Puri – Namrata Puri

Amrish Puri was undoubtedly one of those actors who made some villains of Bollywood immortal with his super acting such as Mogambo, Balwant Rai, etc. His daughter Namrata Puri is not into acting, she is a fashion designer by profession.

5. Amjad Khan – Ahlam Khan

Amjad Khan was also one of the most loved actors of the Bollywood and he is best known for his role of Gabbar Singh which he played in the movie, Sholay. His daughter Ahlam Khan is also an actress and has worked in few movies but she loves theatre more.

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6. Pran-Pinky Sikand

Pran whose full name was Pran Kishan Sikand was one of the most respected actors of the industry and he played various roles in his career of five decades. Pran may be remembered for his villainous roles more but he also worked as hero and character artist. Pran has a daughter Pinky Sikand who has not entered Bollywood and is said to be married to a businessman.

7. Naseeruddin Shah – Heeba Shah

Naseeruddin Shah is undoubtedly one of the finest actors of the industry and his daughter Heeba Shah is also known as a good actor. Heeba has worked in few movies but she prefers to work in theatre.

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8. Mac Mohan – Manjari & Vinati

Mac Mohan played many roles in movies including the role of Samba for the movie, Sholay. Though the actor is no more but his daughters, Manjari and Vinati will be making their debut in Bollywood soon as writer-director and producer with the movie, Desert Dolphin.

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9. Om Shivpuri – Ritu Shivpuri

Om Shivpuri has played negative roles in many movies and his daughter Ritu Shivpuri is also an actress who has worked in few movies.

10. Danny Denzongpa – Pema Denzongpa

Danny Denzongpa is known for his characters such as Kaancha Cheena, Kaatiya, etc but his daughter Pema Denzongpa stayed away from the Bollywood and not much is known about her.

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11. Ranjeet – Divyanka Bedi

Ranjeet is also one of the most famous villains of Hindi and Punjab movie industry but his daughter didn’t foray in acting. Divyanka is a famous fashion designer.

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12. Mohnish Bahl – Krishaa & Pranutan

Mohnish has not only played villainous roles but supporting roles as well in movies and television. He is a father of two daughters, Krishaa likes to keep a low profile while Pranutan has worked in a movie, Notebook.

Did you know about the daughters of these villains?

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