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8 Things Women Should Keep In Mind To Keep Their Breasts Healthy 

8 Things Women Should Keep In Mind To Keep Their Breasts Healthy

Breasts have a great importance in a woman’s life as it not only enhances her beauty but is also instrumental in taking care of her baby and its feeding. In today’s time, the cases of breast cancer are on a rise at a very high rate but women can save themselves by paying attention to these 8 things:

1. The sports bra:

You need to keep in mind that the bra which you wear in the routine life is not the one which you should wear while exercising or playing any sports. For fitness and sports activities, you need to wear sports bra and you will have the option of choosing from low, medium and high impact bras depending upon the sports that you play. In simple words, you will need different bras for different sports and if you are not sure which one to choose, don’t be hesitant in asking the shopkeeper. Also buy a new sports bra if the existing one has already been washed around 40 times.

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2. Piercing the nipples:

Piercing the body at various places has become a trend nowadays and some girls like to get their nipples pierced as well. But this is something which should be avoided at all costs because fashion or trend is not more important than health. It will be very harmful if the girl has allergy problems in regard to iron. It can also pose problems in milk production when a woman has to feed her baby and may result in swelling, pain and creation of abscess.

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3. Providing moisturization to breasts:

We may have seen woman worried about moisturizing their skin, face, arms and legs but they completely forget about their breasts. Don’t forget that breasts are very sensitive and they need care on a daily basis. The skin of breasts is very thin and it may produce flakes if not moisturized. What makes it more worrisome is that breasts may become saggy if their elasticity is adversely affected due to the lack of moisturization. So make it a point to use proper cream and lotions for your breasts.

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4. Squeezing and rubbing:

We have already said earlier that breasts are very sensitive so don’t be harsh on them by squeezing, rubbing and flattening. These activities may result in harming breasts, so please be careful.

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5. Removing the hair:

It is kind of obvious that every woman will like to remove hair around the nipples. But removing the hair by pulling it or waxing can produce more harmful results such as inflammation, increased hair growth, etc. It is advisable that you visit a dermatologist for his purpose as safety should be your first priority.

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6. Use deodorant:

Sweating in the summer season can create a lot of discomfort, especially around breasts which may irritate a woman. In order to the fight the sweating around the nipples, women can use deodorant and talcum powder. However it should be remembered that the deodorant should not have Aluminium.

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7. The use of duct tape:

Sometimes women use duct tape for fixing breasts as they have to wear a dress of a particular type. But using duct tape on breasts can prove to be very harmful if a woman is allergic to tape. It may result in inflammation, rashes and irritation around that area.

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8. The correct bra:

Women should ensure that they wear bra which is comfortable as well as of the correct size. The quality of the cloth should also be good and it should be soft for skin. If you want to remove your bra at the first possible chance, you are surely wearing wrong bra. If you are not able to select the right one on your own don’t hesitate to ask the showroom staff.

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Take care of your breasts and stay healthy!

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