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The Online Users Are Trying Very Hard To Find The Camouflaged Snake In This Photo, Can You Find It? 

The Online Users Are Trying Very Hard To Find The Camouflaged Snake In This Photo, Can You Find It?

The common notion is that we should stay away from wild animals as they can be harmful towards the humans but we don’t give attention on one aspect – the wild animals are beautiful as well. However, there are times when we are left shocked at the incidents involving the wild animals.

Image Source

If you remember we have always been told by our elders that we should be careful while walking on the muddy paths or paths which have grass or leaves lying on them as some insects or reptiles may be hidden over there and they can bite us.

Here is one example to prove that we should always listen to the elders. Have a look at this photo, you may feel that this photo contains only dry leaves but there is one snake also, can you see the snake:

Image Source: Twitter

Some time back, this photo was shared on the micro-blogging site, Twitter by Helen Bond Plylar who Twitter handle is @Sssnakeysci with the caption,

“Received this from a fellow HERper this morning. No caption needed, the task was implied: “can you spot the snake?””

Soon the Twitter was flooded with reactions as people were not able to believe that there is a snake camouflaged in the photo.

Here are some reactions:

After some time, Helen also posted the answer:

Here is the photo in which you can zoom and take a good look at the snake which is Copperhead, aka Agkistrodon contortrix. Helen also wrote that Copperhead is cute but venomous so one should avoid touching it.

Image Source: Twitter

Here is a photo of Copperhead snake without leaves:

Image Source
That was quite a great puzzle, isn’t it.

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