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11 Amazing Animal X-Rays That Will Make You Go Aww With Surprise 

11 Amazing Animal X-Rays That Will Make You Go Aww With Surprise

Very few people are interested or rather we should say curious about wildlife. But the reality is that once you start exploring this field, you will discover amazing and new things every day. It is absolutely true that wild animals deserve to live in their own natural habitation but the zoos are of great help in making humans aware of these beautiful animals. These zoos take proper care of the animals and also get them medically checked on a regular basis. Here in this article, we are going to show you x-rays of some wild animals and we bet you will be pretty thrilled after watching them.

1. Female horse with a baby inside:

This is certainly very beautiful as this x-ray not only shows the body structure of a female horse but it also shows that there is baby inside her stomach.

2. Wolf eel:

Don’t get confused by its name, it is neither a wolf nor an eel, it is a fish which has a face that resembles to the face of a wolf and its body is quite similar to an eel. Mostly wolf eel consumes crabs and sea urchins and here is the x-ray of a wolf eel, don’t get scared.

3. Owl:

It is one of the most beautiful birds of the world and there are around 200 breeds of owls. What makes them stand apart from other birds is the fact that they can see in the dark. They also have binocular vision, sound localization ability and feathers which are capable of flying without making sound.

4. Flamingos:

These birds are very beautiful and they are known for their pink feathers, very thin legs and their neck which resembles the shape of English alphabet “S”. See the x-ray of the legs of a flamingo:

5. Beaver:

Beavers become pretty popular among the kids after the Narnia movie series as they play an important role in the flick. However in reality, the beavers are termed as the second largest rodent in this whole world. Moreover, they have the capability of building canals, dams and homes. Their extensive hunting has reduced their population to a great extent and deforestation is also responsible for making their lives miserable. Check out the x-ray of a beaver’s tail:

6. Turtle:

Often turtles are confused with tortoises; however, the fact is that all tortoises are turtles but all turtles can’t be categorized as tortoises. They both have shell which covers their body but turtles live mostly in water while tortoises live on land and have nothing much to do with water. So next time, don’t get confused between a turtle and a tortoise.

7. Pregnant turtle:

Turtles mostly come on land whenever they have to lay the eggs and here is the beautiful photo of a turtle with eggs inside it.

8. Hedgehogs:

They also come under the category of mammals and they are known for their cone-shaped face and quills on the body. Many times hedgehogs are confused with porcupines because of the quills but they are not related to each other. In this x-ray of a hedgehog, the black circle that you are seeing in the stomach is actually gas.

9. Gecko:

They are small sized lizards which are mostly found in places with hot environment. One important characteristic of gecko is that they can’t blink but they can lick their eyes in order to keep them clean. Here is an x-ray of a gecko which has a pretty thick tail:

10. Flying Fox:

It is a mega bat in reality and can easily be called as one of the largest bats of the world. Their real name is Pteropus and they are also called as fruit bats. See the x-ray of a flying fox:

11. Chameleons:

These are one of those varieties of lizards which can be seen in our homes as well if we have some greenery. What makes them special is the fact that they have the ability of changing color of their body depending on their environment. Check out the x-ray of a chameleon:

Do let us know which animal’s x-ray you liked the most or found the most amazing.

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